Opening a Detailing Center or Looking Forward to Maintain It?

We at Luxe Auto Spa pride ourselves as one of the leading detailing center in Pakistan. We have been frequently practicing numerous detailing needs and providing solutions to many detailing centers, in between that time we have trained and helped many detailing centers to rise in this world. We have detailing experts working with us which are highly dependable and are always ready for any kind of challenges. We know what you are seeking for and understand the possibilities you are up against to accomplish meaningful developments in your business. Luxe Auto Spa can help you to create a detailing center that can yield significant improvement to your business.

How Our Detailing Packages are going to Assist You?

We have designed detailing packages according to your detailing center’s need. We have different kind of packages ranging from economy to professional and professional to ultimate, either they are on basic level or are providing complete solutions. This speaks for itself that we have studied all these aspects in 360 angle to design these packages so we won’t leave any kind of gap or unseen issue. Luxe Auto Spa does not compromise on the efficiency of work and is frequently providing with the greatest of their services.

Get Trained by One of the Best Auto Detailing Center in Pakistan

Luxe Auto Spa conducts one of the most inclusive auto detailing training programs in the Pakistan, which also make us one of the best auto detailing center to get trained. All Detailing sessions are personally conducted by Dr. Ahmad Yar who is a well-known and respected detailing expert/consultant of Pakistan. The training sessions include both hands-on and technical knowledge so that you won’t face any kind of hurdle in the Future.

We do not offer one day or two days training sessions like many other places instead of it we have designed 7 days/one week auto detailing training program only for you. Days of training sessions can also vary depending on the size of students at that moment. In this Detail training program we give full day sessions in which some days will include intense auto detailing training sessions as well. In the whole training process you will learn each and every aspect of auto detailing, which includes exterior, interior, engine digressing, even glass coating and how to do its preparations. The most interesting thing is there won’t be any tuition fee, included all of these training sessions are FREE of cost.

To Learn More About Our Auto Detailing Training Sessions or Products Feel Free to Contact Us at These Two Given Numbers:

0321-8419912 / 0300-8419912.