Privacy Policy

Our customers are the heart of our business and it is very vital for us to safeguard their personal information. Luxe Auto Spa is fully committed to protecting your private details by all means. This information contains all online details provided to us like name, contact detail and your conversation with us and any other confidential information. It is our responsibility to make sure that the security features are properly installed according to the need, so your information will not go into the hands of any non-official person. We make regular changes and modification in our website for better products and services to meet your requirements. There are possibilities of us changing Luxe Auto Spa over the course of time. Therefore, we would recommend you to stay in touch with us for latest changing or development. You can also send us your issues and queries at

Which Things We Demand at Luxe Auto Spa

The basic information which is acquired from you is: your name, location, contact information together with the details of the customer’s choices and buying; the basic data provided by you. Still if you have any query or doubt in your mind, then you can contact us through our communication page.

Usage of personal information

  • We know your personal data is very secretive and sensitive matter, we only use it for the following reasons:
  • To understand our customers so we can easily interact with them.
  • We need to update our clients for the changes and new promotions.
  • In order to retain our old or new clients to make them our potential customers.
  • We need to record communication to avoid fraud and scams.
  • No personal and private details will be shared with any third party.
  • We may give your information for lawful purpose to an intended legal body without disclosing your privacy.
  • As we need to dispatch the order at your address for that we need the exact address in order to fulfill your request.

Protection of Information

At Luxe Auto Spa we make sure to have rigorous procedures to protect your personal data.
We use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software to encrypt the information you put in our website.
Only five last digitals of your credit card released in the process of confirming your order. In the process, we share and confirm your number with company as portion of the security system.
It is also your responsibility to take care of your personal information, make sure you log out your account if you are using any shared computer.
We also use physical and electronic protective measures for precise customer information in storage and collection process, which is the reason our website/representative may ask you proof of your identity before revealing your own personal information.

The Internet

If you are communicating through internet, then we may send you emails time to time related to our products and services. When you first register with us and share your email address, we automatically sign you up for our newsletter facility, so we can keep you updated related to our latest deals and products. Also note that the communication made through internet is not always secured unless they are properly encrypted. Cookies might be used to make your process smooth on our website and to observe the behavior of our clients. Cookies is a part of information that is stored in your computer through browser, to recognize your previous browsing data and take few measure to make the website process smoother. Next time, when you are going to visit the website it is going to help you to fetch the previous data from saved information from your last visit.

Third Party Websites

Luxe Auto Spa may use other third party services for advertising purpose or would be sharing the links of our website with them. But no kind of personal information will be revealed to any of these advertising companies.