Terms & Conditions

It is very essential to understand at the beginning that Luxe Auto Spa will not be held responsible if any false information is provided by our client. As a result, make sure that the information you are giving is totally precise and right because this information is going to lead the whole process towards greater results for both. You can make your payments through our recommended payment channels. Once you have issued the order, we are bound to deliver it on stipulated time. In case a problem arises in the timely delivery or delay due to any reason, we will inform you on the call. We also have full authority to modify our websites content anytime in terms of descriptions, images and prices.

The content that is written on our website from our aspects is our intellectual property and we reserve the right to protect it from unwarranted intruders. By using Luxe Auto Spa, you will confirm that you have read and agreed to Luxe Auto Spa’s terms and conditions. In addition, if you are using Luxe Auto Spa on the behalf of your organization, you also confirm that you have legal authorities to use it and your company allows the use of this website in general.

Delivery and Shipping

Luxe Auto Spa does not go with minimum order quantity policy. Delivery charges directly depend on the size, weight and type of the shipment. We will make sure to complete our delivery within the period of 3 to 5 days. If the order is not fulfilled on time then our representative will inform you over the phone for late delivery. If the goods don’t reach at your doorstep on time, we will recommend you to contact us through phone call or website in order to find the reason and resolve it subsequently.

Returns and Replacements

 The product and its original packaging shouldn’t be damaged by any end, must be unused, unworn, unwashed and even broken seals are not allowed. If the product has any warranty card, additional accessories, instructional manuals or any other tags, then they should be included as well. The manufacturer box or packaging should remain as it is, micro patches are not allowed as well. If you dispatch the product without following our instructions, we have full right to send the product back to you. You have to return your product within 7 days after receiving it.

Pricing and Special Offers

 All transactions will be dealt in Pakistani Rupees (PKR). After receiving your order, a confirmation email will be sent to you. All kind of taxes and other charges are included in the price of the displayed item, and there will be no hidden charges for you.

Orders above or the price of 10,000 do not have option of COD (Cash on Delivery), for that customer has to do Bank Transfer. The brands other than Chemical Guys, Carpro, Maxshine, Nanoskin & Buff n Shine have availability on demand, the prices and stock can vary on our online web shop.

Luxe Auto Spa is not going to be responsible for any kind of errors in prices of products due to any software, malfunction or human error. We dispatch the order as soon as we can and we also ensure that you get for product in the way that you are looking for.