Nanoskin Compolish Ultra Fine Polishing Compound (500ml, Loose Packing)(Luxe Packing)

  • The enemy of swirls.
  • Safe for all paints.
  • Prepares surfaces for waxing and glazing.



NANOSKIN COMPOLISH is an ultra fine polishing compound designed to remove minor scratches, swirls, spider webs and light oxidation. By simply using COMPOLISH with 2 pads – Wool polishing pad & Euro foam cutting pad, the paint will be completely swirl and hologram free. It leaves low dust and produces a brilliant high gloss finish. A perfect follow up to NANOSKIN FIRST CUT. The combination of FIRST CUT and COMPOLISH should be all you need for most paint corrections. It contains no silicone, no wax, and no fillers.