Maxshine Detailing Brush Kit/Set of 5

  • Color: black+red.
  • Quantity: 5pcs.



Five different brush sizes can meet your needs.
Enough length for easily exploring and reaching into the lug nuts, narrow or tight space.
No metal parts, no chance of damaging or scratching delicate wheels.
Soft brush hair, perfect for use on soft leather seats or trim such as exterior emblems.
Each brush has a handle hanging hole for easy storage and carrying.
Multifunctional brush, wet and dry dual-use.
It can be used to remove dust, crumbs and other small items from wheels, vents, trims, seat gaps and emblems, making your car completely clean from the inside out.

1. 8.25 in
2. 8.90 in
3. 9.00 in
4. 9.20 in
5. 9.25 in