Chemical Guys Inner Clean-Quick Interior Detailer & Protectant Wipes (50 Wipes)

  • Among our interior cleaners, Inner Clean Wipes are the best cleaner/protectant wipes that also restore your OEM shine.
  • One-step cleaner, protectant, and shine restorer
  • Anti-static agents repel dust & dirt
  • Perfect for on-the-go cleaning on almost any interior surface
  • Premoistened with the formula you know and love
  • Wipes away light grime, fingerprints, dust, oils, dirt
  • Adds UV protection to help protect against fading
  • Easy-to-use disposable wipe design makes it easy to maintain your car
  • Helps restore original factory-fresh appearance



Inner Clean Wipes are convenient and versatile car cleaning wipes that restore shine instantly. From dashboards and doors to seats, steering wheels, and more, give your car interior a factory-fresh appearance.

Quick, On-The-Go Detailing

Inner Clean Car Wipes quickly remove dirt, dust, and body oils from interior surfaces, restore a crisp OEM sheen, and help protect against harmful UV solar rays. They’re made with the formula you already know and love, but as a convenient, storable, on-the-go wipe. Use the same Inner Clean formula in a 16oz spray bottle for deeper cleanings and keep your Inner Clean Car Wipes close at hand for quick maintenance. Be prepared for any mess with these use-and-toss wipes.

Factory-Fresh Cleaning Power

The unique cleaning formula of Inner Clean Car Wipes helps bring life back to neglected interior surfaces by restoring a factory-fresh appearance. Use it on dashboards, door panels, steering wheels, shift knobs, seats, glass, and center consoles. The special anti-static and zero-residue formula helps repel light dust and dirt to maintain a clean finish that lasts for longer than most wipes.